IF YOUR READY TO SELL YOUR HOME QUICKLY, YOU CAN GET A CASH OFFER ON THE SPOT. You've got nothing to lose so get rid of that house and sell today.

Flippin Reality Homes meets Flippin RV Rentals

We love our talking with potential clients so whether you have a house you inherited, your behind in your taxes, or the house just has to many repairs, and it's located in Houston, Cypress, Katy or surrounding areas, call us today by filling out the contact us form and we'll get back with you within 24 hours.

We buy homes in Texas for cash. Generally speaking, we can close in as little as 5 to 7 business days. The faster you get us the address, meet for an evaluation of the home, the faster we can pay you. If your needing to get out of it fast, contact us today.

If your renting one of our RV's through one of our partner sites, all insurances will be necessary before pick up of RV. A small delivery fee of $2.00 a mile will be required and generator cost $25.00 a night. RV Campsites must be paid for upon renting the RV and boon-docking is aloud with approval. Please tell us how and when you plan to rent and were sure to be able to accommodate you the best we can.

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Hours to Contact us on the phone but open 24 hours a day through our messaging application

A acquisitions manager will be in touch with you shortly but can take up to 24 hours.

Sell my house says between these hours

  • If it looks like this, I want it
  • If it's bare bones and gutted, I want it
  • If it's needing a lot of repairs, I want it
  • If it's been flooded, I want it
  • If it's been inherited or left to you in a will, I want it
  • If you want to sell a home for cash, I want it
  • Are you selling the home in Houston and surrounding areas like Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Sugarland, Katy, Galveston, or any in between cities, I want it
  • Any other reason, I WANT IT

Sell my home says between these hours

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Will I sell my house?

Will I have repair the property to sell my house in Houston, Cypress, Katy or anywhere else? NO. We advise you not to clean it or repair it. 

Can an Agent deliver on their promise?

Most agents will tell you they want to list your home at a set price getting your hopes up only to find out months later you barely had anyone make an offer. They sometimes tell you anything to get you to list with them only to sell it at the corrected market value it should've been listed at in the first place. Houston has a tendency to be overloaded with agents along with other newly developed places like Cypress, Katy, Spring, Tomball, and much more. Almost every corner you turn is another real estate company. Just say those famous words, "sell my house" or "sell my home in the contact us page and we'll give you a call to ask you very short questions about your property. 

Selling your house to us is the same as a fast fair honest price and here's why

We take the hassle out of sell my house and sell my home whether it's in Katy, Houston, Cypress, or anything in between. Don't pay listing agents that your going to have to pay a commission to at the end of the sale. We don't require you to pay for inspections or any appraisals. No waiting months to the process only for the end buyer to be turned down from the bank.

Have a house that was inherited or have an unwanted property

We all know these are the worst to sell for a Real Estate company. We actually love these properties. While the agent only deals with end buyers, we as investors deal with a network of buyers. What doesn't work for us to flip, may work for someone else and we know everyone in Houston and surrounding areas.

My point is, make it easy on yourself. Time is money and why go through your own funding like your savings, credit cards, or loans to fix it when you can get on with your busy schedule to do the things you want to do. Sell my house now has never been easier. Contact us today!

Privacy Policy

Offers are based on comparable homes in the area minus any repairs, back taxes, HOA fees, legal fees, liens, and or any other cost associated with sell or buy of the home. We work with a team of buyers and contracts must be signed and opened with the title company. No monies will be handed to the client until title clears and all the legalities are sorted out and could be with but not limited to heirs, wills, living trust, etc. Probates and wills must be done through the courts to the executor on the paperwork. All proper paperwork will be submitted to the title company for further review. Once buyer signs the assignment of contract, buyer will provide keys to enter the property with or with out consent depending on whether or not there are tenants involved. Closings can take up to 30 days and can go over depending on the amount of time the client takes to submit all necessary forms.  

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