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Flippin Reality Homes, LLC

We strive to help the very people we are closest to which is in our hometown of Houston, TX.

We started the business in early 2018 hoping on cleaning up neighborhoods which led us to helping Houstonian's sell their properties quick, fast, and in a hurry.

For whatever the reason is for selling, were here to help get you the cash fast for homes, land, commercial spaces, and can assist you with creative real estate consulting in general.

Give us a call today at (832) 641-2497

When listing with an agent, your home could take months or even years to sell.
With us, you can get cash as quickly as 7 days.
Our purchase process is the fastest way to getting you the cash that you need NOW.
No more repairs, no more people are walking through your house, no more commissions.

We buy in Houston and surrounding areas. We buy probates, tax delinquencies, divorced, foreclosures, absentee owners, for sale by owners (FSBO), fixer uppers, flip homes, etc.

You don't need a Houston Real estate agent, you need us to buy that house. We've been flipping houses in Houston for a while, so leave it to us to do the hard work!

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5 Storey apartment

"If your ready to sell that home in any condition AS-IS."

If you are ready to sell a house quickly, you've come to the right place. To sell a home quickly, you don't need real estate agents to pay hefty commissions too. You need home buyers like us to buy houses for cash and close through the title company quickly and easily instead of the traditional way that typical buyers are dealing with home loans and mortgage banks that could take months before you get a close date. You need a Texas real estate investor like us because we make home buying easy. We buy ugly houses and homes with little to no repairs needed. We specialize in Probated court homes, tax delinquents, absentee owners, divorce settlements, wills, living trust, and just in general, the people that have a loss of a job that may want to save their credit, so they won't be late on mortgage payments. In the stages many go through in life, we sometimes forget there is a way out of that 30-year term financing. We've made it an easy 3 step process when we buy your home for cash. Step 1 is to give us the address. Step 2 is we meet for the evaluation. Step 3 is getting an offer!

Contact us to buy your house. We work with a team of experts to get you the right price always.

If your wondering if you should list your house with a Houston real estate agent or sell to an investor, you should read my article Agent vs. Investor. The housing market can be tricky at times and with real estate professionals like us, we can buy or sell that rental property (Landlords), absentee owners, inherited house, abandoned home, ETC.  Let us make life easier with a no-obligation no-hassle offer. It's that simple. Call, email, message us today!
If you google searching sell my house fast, you've come to the right place, and we specialize in buying homes in the Houston and surrounding areas.
We'll buy a house fast in Cypress, Katy, or anything in between these areas.
We can save you from spending money on some fancy lawyer by avoiding probate. Call us before the next due date for that mortgage.
Let us make you a cash offer today.

We will come out today to evaluate your house!