Quickest way to sell a home in Houston, TX

Wait! Everyone knows the traditional way of selling a home, is this the quickest way to sell a home? Maybe you have a friend, a co-worker, a family member that’s a Realtor. You call to discuss the sale and give all the details. Is this the quickest-way-to-sell-a-home-in-Houston-TX? Perhaps the realtor can make you promises of selling your house? The contract between you and the broker will only be 6 months to 1 year, is this the quickest way to sell a home? To sell a home the quickest way possible, stay tuned for more info.

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WE BUY HOMES – Quickest way to sell a house

This is the quickest way to sell a home in Houston! Wait! I want to Sell my house fast!

It could be a long wait! Now, before we get to negotiating, the buyer will provide a buyers contract and/or purchase contract. Here in Texas we have what’s called a, “TREC” contract (Texas Real Estate Commission). Here it will have the sellers and buyers names or entities and the address of the property to purchase. Hopefully the sales price isn’t way below what you and your agent discussed it could sell for. You should see the the sellers portion to the buyer, Earnest Money Deposit, and Option Period money.

At this point, the seller can decide if they want to sell at the specified price in the purchase contract. The buyer has the option for a survey of the property. The title company or mortgage lender requires it, appraisals, and inspections of the residential or commercial property.

Here is where the heart truly lies. It can sometimes be the deciding factor of a sales transaction actually happening.

Let the Home Buyers Negotiating begin! Quickest way to sell your house or is it?

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Finalizing a deal yet?

Okay, the potential buyer has seen the property. They already have a good idea of a few things they would want done to the house. They may have seen that fence falling down, it may need a new roof, maybe it’s cosmetic. Maybe they didn’t like the color of the interior. For Whatever reason, there’s bound to be something that caught there eye. No house is perfect.

  • 1. First, Inspections time is where the inspector will evaluate the home. Here is where they find everything. From old HVAC systems, foundation issues to things behind walls. After spending about 1 hour in the attic, I’m sure they’ll find something. There could be insulation issues or junction boxes hidden in there. The house needs to be up to code right? Broken fixtures or even small little things like a door knob needs tightening. They give a more detailed report of what you could be buying.
  • 2. Second, the Appraisal. Appraisers usually will give an unbiased professional opinion. First, they look at comparable homes almost like the agent did. They have a better understanding of the market trends.
  • 3. Negotiating the final sales price based on findings from the buyer, appraisal and inspections. Here is where they might ask you to fix or replace that fence or roof, etc. Let’s first look at the inspection report.

What you may or may not know!

As a homeowner, I don’t tend to go up into the attic and inspect the roof decking. I don’t know how old the insulation is. I don’t know if it’s R-30 or R-38. They may ask you to replace that 10 year old HVAC system which cost thousands of dollars.

That buyer may ask you to drop the price.

Your 250K may go down to 230K or even a lowball offer of 200K

The average closing takes 30 to 45 days!

Wait! There’s more! It takes time to find the buyer and we all know how long that takes. Personally, I’ve seen 6 months, 1 year, or more. That’s why (Flippin Reality Homes) as investors want to try and buy your house first. “Before” listing with an agent or putting it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) ASK ME HOW?

Selling your house fast doesn’t always mean investors are out to get you. From the example above, investors could offer the 220K.

Why wait? Get the money now and do something else with it.

If you ever just need advise on the sale of your home. Just need some consulting and your located in Houston or surrounding areas? Give me a call for the quickest way to sell a [email protected] (832) 641-2497 Daniel with Flippin Reality Homes

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